Planning on computer

We help you with the creation of a plan on computer, to fit your ideas in the available space in the most optimal and most beautiful way.

To make the plan:

  1. Sketch the place

  2. Please create a sketch about the place where the tile stove will be built, with accurate dimensions (chimney in front of the wall, the position of the cleaning door on the chimney, parapet wall or window in the way of the stove, color change or step in the floor, etc.). If the location is too complicated, please call the builder for local guidance and measurement.
  1. Choose the mood of the stove

  2. Choose a picture or drawing, which kind of tile stove you would like to have (simple - stirring, traditional - modern, symmetric - asymmetric, angled - curved, bench from tiles or mortared, etc.).
  1. Choose the manufacturer

  2. In our shop choose the manufacturer, from whose tiles you would like to have your tile stove and after a short conversation we collate every details (corners, shoulders, tile stove door, etc.).

The creation of the unique plan is work intensive procedure, please only get it done, when your ideas are specific.
The creation of the plan on computer costs HUF 10000. If you order the tiles for your tile stove or fireplace in our shops, this amount will be credited in the sum, in this way the creation of the plan will be free for you.

Please collate the plan and ordered materials with the builder of the tile stove.

A selection of the plans we have already made